Ready to spend the next 30 days cutting the clutter once and for all?

(and yes, it IS totally possible!)


Declutter All of the Things is an easy-to-digest course to help you get started decluttering your home today. No more struggling with overwhelm and drowning in items you have no place for. I'll walk you through my tried-and-true system for beating clutter and setting up future-proof ways to keep things under control. 

You deserve to love where you live, friend. To have a home you’re proud of. One that feels peaceful and calm, without the mad dash of last-minute closet-stashing before company arrives.


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How would you feel if you just found out unexpected guests would be stopping by in two hours?

(Bear with me, we're imagining this in a "normal" year. )

Do any of these sound familiar?

"OMG. I need to clean up!"

"Panicked. Clean up quick!"

"Completely stressed."

"Overwhelmed. Mad dash to pick up clutter."

"I don't even know where to start!"

Trust me, you're not alone. These are real answers from my readers! 


But I want to flip this on its head. 

What if instead, you had a system in place, and even if things had become a bit untidy, you could easily spend the next few minutes picking up and putting things back where you know they belong? You'd be all ready to greet your guests and be able to focus on meaningful time spent together visiting and catching up rather than stressing about your home.  

So often we just put off fixing what makes us unhappy. Even though we're ready to make a change, we struggle with figuring out where to begin.

That, my friend, is why I created this course.

I wanted to give you a proven blueprint to follow over the next thirty days so you're able to overcome this obstacle and enjoy more peace in your home.  

Because the way things are right now won't last forever (PTL 🙌🏼), and we'll soon be eager to open our homes to friends and family that we haven't seen in so long. And though I'm a firm believer in inviting people over no matter what our homes look like, I'll admit that I'm much more likely to do so when I feel organized and collected.

I can't wait to teach you my decluttering system! 



Hold up. Pause. Rewind. Who exactly am I?

Meet Nina 

Hi, I'm Nina Hendrick, and I'm a recovering Stacker. "A what?" you may be asking. A Stacker. (It's not anything weird, I just double-checked Urban Dictionary to be sure.) 

Stacker: (noun) creator of piles, clutter, and other organized chaos. 

I'm one of those people who loves to be organized but is naturally a scattered creative. So I'm always making a conscious effort to declutter! I've had to create this system to keep myself on track. Because I know that I'm way more successful, productive, and happy when my environment is tidy. Even (especially) if that isn't what comes naturally to me.

And why should you take advice from someone who isn't naturally organized? Well, if you're here, chances are that you're probably the same way I am. It's a whole lot easier to learn from someone who can relate to your struggles, overcame them, and can help you fix them than somebody who has been naturally neat since birth! 

When I'm not trying to clean up after myself and my three kiddos you can find me and my husband Mack (one of those annoying naturally neat people) working on the renovation of our 1980s New England Colonial fixer-upper and sharing everything we've learned along the way on my blog and Instagram. The thing I love most about what I do is helping people create a meaningful space that they can enjoy with those they care about.

You may have also seen me here...

Don't just take my word for it...

"...I realized [with the help of Nina's system] that I was holding on to too many things. I was initially afraid to let things go, but by the end I realized that I should be more afraid of how I feel surrounded by too much stuff. It's so much better to have a decluttered space."

Lindsay | Indiana


Here's what you get in this course:

  • 4 Video Lessons that are responsive across devices. They cover my entire system for decluttering and even include a real-life demonstration
  • Over 20 printable pages of guidance to help declutter your home
  • A questionnaire to establish a healthy mindset and help you set clear goals (so you actually reach them!)
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions to help you get started decluttering — and finish the job
  • Printable signs and checklists so you stay organized throughout the process
  • Ideas for repurposing and donating things you no longer need
  • guided 30-day plan to tackle the trickiest spots in your home — the mudroom, your desktop, that linen closet! 
  • My favorite tried-and-true-tips to keep your whole home clutter-free.

This course also includes a troubleshooting guide to avoid common pitfalls along the decluttering journey. Whether you have unmotivated kiddos, a sentimental spouse, or a mountain of family photos and memorabilia you just can’t seem to keep corraled. I’ve thought of clear solutions for you, friend.

+ The Bonuses

The Wildcard System for Future-Proof Decluttering™

($29 Value)

Yup, I'm pretty proud of this one. I dreamed this up to help my own family stay on top of clutter and keep it under control for good. Simply cut the cards from the printable and you have a fun and easy way to keep trouble areas clutter-free... in less time than your kids’ favorite episode of Paw Patrol.


Decluttering Flowchart Print

($9 Value)

If you struggle with letting things go, this bonus flowchart will help you figure out what to do with items by answering a simple set of questions. 

Ready to Begin? Let's Go!

The Whole Family Can Help!

"I work full time and have young kids. Having very little extra time leaves things messy. This course was the perfect way to chip away at things in the small amount of free time I could find. I especially love the Wildcards and was able to get my preschooler to help with the project! " 

Ashley | New Hampshire

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