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for meaningful decorating, organizing, renovating, and entertaining.


What You Can Learn

How to Find Your Decorating Style with my virtual step-by-step guide.

How to create a cohesive whole house color palette with the Color Story course.

How to decorate and organize your entire home with specialized resources.

here's what you need to know...

Contrary to popular belief, people aren’t born knowing how to decorate or entertain.


Anyone can have a meaningful home they love and enjoy 
with the right support .

Learning that Works with Your Life

Access from Anywhere

Our virtual courses and resources are available across devices so that you can learn from anywhere!

Digital Library

Receive access to PDF guides that you can either print or save paper by filling out and storing digitally (I'll show you how!). 

Built-In Community

Have a question about what you're working on? Ask and receive feedback in the native community for that resource!

Perfect Paint Colors for Every Room in Your Home

Create a cohesive color palette for your entire home step-by-step with our Color Story Course.


Ready to create a meaningful home that you love?

It’s like having your own personal interior decorator in your pocket!

Imagine this...

You wake up in the morning to an organized and beautifully decorated home. You get the kids off to school with ease.  No searching for book bags or shoes or misplaced items, because everything is in its place.   Later in the day, you get a text from a friend that she's in town and wants to stop by … Instead of panic, you feel excitement and joy to share a cup of coffee in your beautiful home catching up with your dear friend. You’ve gone from stressed throughout your day to joyful. Now you're someone who enjoys the time in her space with her family and friends. You look forward to having guests stop by ... even on a whim.

I'm ready to get started!


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